Presentations by members of Scientific Advisory Committee and Invited Speakers (as per 13 July 2014)

Theme A:

István Fórizs, Hungary
Abstract #76
The origin of Hungarian bottled mineral waters by environmental isotopes

Patrick Lachassagne, France
Abstract #78
Guarantying the purity of Natural Mineral Water: the 20 years technical and socio-economic Evian experience conciliating collective responsibility for environment protection, and local development

Patrick Lachassagne, France
Abstract #79
Role of deep fractures and ancient weathering profiles in a hard rock sparkling natural mineral water hydrosystem. Implication for the long term management of the Saint-Galmier, France, spring

Patrick Lachassagne, France
Abstract #80
The need of a multidisciplinary approach for determining the structure and hydrogeochemical functioning of complex sparkling natural mineral water systems: a case study from southern France

Patrick Lachassagne, France
Abstract #81
Use of several environmental dating tracers with lumped parameter models for the understanding of complex natural mineral water systems (Evian, France, case study)

Clemens Reimann, Norway
Abstract #14
A continental-scale survey of the geochemistry of bottled water

Theme B:

We are pleased to announce the following invited presentations, of which the first six talks of the series to be held on Monday 8 September afternoon will be:

“Introductory address – introduction to MinWat2014 and welcome to participants”,
Speaker: Mr Alessandro Pasquale, Mattoni, Karlovarské minerální vody, a.s.

"European bottled water sector: Challenges and opportunities",
Speaker: Mr Jean-Pierre Deffis, President of the European Federation of Bottled Waters (EFBW)

"Bottled water market: Key statistics",
Speaker: Ms Patricia Fosselard, Secretary General of the European Federation of Bottled Waters (EFBW)

"Original purity: A defining characteristic in natural mineral waters",
Speaker: Ms Annick Moreau, Danone Waters

“Drinking regime and mineral deficits – a myth or a serious problem?”,
Speaker: Dr Zdenek Zadák, University Hospital Hradec Kralové, Hradec Kralové, Czech Republic

Christian Roques, France (Scientific Advisory Committee)
Abstract #32
Drinking mineral waters, the actual medical benefit – data of evidence

The remaining presentations for Theme B (see below) will take place on Tuesday 9 September and, some of them, possibly, Wednesday morning 10 September. Please take this into account when planning your trip.  

“Analysis of ultra-traces in bottled water: The risk of false positives and how to avoid them”,
Speaker: Dr Hélène Budzinski, Bordeaux University, France

“Ensuring and maintaining the highest quality for natural mineral and spring waters”,
Speaker: Dr Ulrich Kreuter, NSF (The Public Health and Safety Organization)

“Bottled water packaging - What about safety issues”,
Speaker: Ms Annika Seiler or Dr Angela Störmer, Fraunhofer Institute for Process Engineering and Packaging IVV

“Bottled water packaging: Waste or resource?”
Speaker: Mr Bernard Pruvost, Nestlé Waters

“How can bottlers promote natural mineral water?)”,
Speaker: Ms Nathalie Bériot, Nestlé Waters

“Adequate water intake: Establish dietary guidelines and promoting hydration – a public policy perspective”,
Speaker: Dr Laurent Le Bellego, Danone Waters

Francisco Maraver, Spain (Scientific Advisory Committee)
Abstract #60
Calcium content of Spanish natural mineral water and effect on health

Abstracts for Theme B – for posters only – can still be submitted, till middle of August 2014.

Theme C:

Francisco Maraver, Spain
Abstract #65
Skin effects of peloids prepared with sulphur mineral water from “Termas De Cuntis Spa” according to their maturation time

Francisco Maraver, Spain
Abstract #67
Stroke treatment in health resorts

Yoshinori Ohtsuka, Japan
Abstract #47
Effects of health promotion activity utilizing hot spring water on glucose metabolism and physical fitness

Christian Roques, France
Abstract #33
Balneotherapy for common metabolic conditions  –  the French experience

Christian Roques, France
Abstract #34
Balneotherapy and common musculo-skeletal conditions, data from randomised controlled trials

Christian Roques, France
Abstract #35
Balneotherapy for anxiety and psychotropic drug withdrawal