Excursion to Thermal Hotel

This excursion is intended for BALNEOLOGY experts. The Thermal Spa Hotel in Karlovy Vary – venue of MinWat2014 conference – also offers a wide range of Spa services. The main successes are above all in medical treatment and convalescence of the digestive tract, diabetes, metabolic troubles and obesity.

The Karlovy Vary thermal mineral water is natural, slightly mineralized water of hydrogenodicarbonate-sulphur-sodium type. This water has the following effects:

  • a choleretic and cholekinetic effect
  • normalises stomach secretion
  • stimulises external pancreas secretion
  • increases the activity of digestive ferments in duodenum
  • reduces sugar in blood and urine
  • adjusts the acid-base-balance in the sense
  • of a slight alkalization of the whole organism
  • reduces the urine acid in blood – it has a diuretic effect
  • reduces the level of cholesterol and other fats in blood

Typically, complex spa treatment in Karlovy Vary – also in the Thermal Spa Hotel in Karlovy Vary – is based on the use of the unique natural healing resources of thermal mineral water, gas and peloids. In the Thermal Spa Hotel two new spa departments were constructed in 2013.

Conference organisers are pleased to offer an excursion to the Thermal Spa Hotel Spa facility. Because of the limited number of people who can join, we intend this in principle only for BALNEOLOGY EXPERTS among MinWat2014 participants.

We will provide details about this excursion (free of charge) during the conference.

MinWat2014 organisers