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Hotel Thermal

hotel Thermal

The conference will be held in the Hotel Thermal, in the famous spa city Karlovy Vary (Carlsbad in English), about 130 km west of Prague.

For information about the city of Karlovy Vary, including the spa services, please click here.

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Karlovy Vary is famous spa town

Karlovy Vary is the most famous Czech spa town, founded by the King of Bohemia, and Holy Roman Emperor Charles IV in 1358. The thermal springs at the Karlovy Vary Spa yield the warmest water in the Czech Republic (maximum temperature 73.4°C). The Karlovy Vary thermal water has the time-constant total dissolved solids of 6.5 g/l, the chemical type is sodium-bicarbonate-sulphate-chloride. The total yield of the famous Vřídlo Spring is approximately 2000 l/min.

An impression of the city

The city centre is surrounded by forested hills in a picturesque valley. The particularly attractive and elegant scenery is completed by beautiful parks and the embankment along the Teplá River. The town has retained its beauty and charm of the glorious 19th century, when it used to be visited by many composers, poets, politicians, and royalties.

Hot spring related hydrogeology of Karlovy Vary

The sketch of the hydrogelogical conditions familiarizes you with the geology of the region and the associated hot spring structure. It is a schematic cross-section across the Teplá River valley that runs through the centre of Karlovy Vary, and shows also the famous Vřídlo Spring (in English: Hot Spring) in the rivers vicinity. The total yield of the Vřídlo Spring is approximately 2000 l/min.The water originates at a depth of about 2000 m. The other springs in Karlovy Vary are only natural offshoots turning from the main Vřídlo Spring branch (along a fault) close to the ground surface. The fountain of the Vřídlo Spring spouts water 12 metres high.

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